Do you think travel planning will change after COVID?

Gordon Campbell
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As the founder of which provides free travel guides to any destination in the world, I'm interested to know how people will change their behaviors when planning a trip after COVID-19. PS. you can check Destinfo here:


if everything would be back to normal then no, but probably yes
Definitely, at least for the foreseeable future. We saw how travel changed after Spt11. I cant imagine how travel will be post-covid, but I would assume we would all need to be in airports much earlier for "temperature tests" and potentially share medical data with customs.
Animesh Singh
I don't think so. Humans are social animals and have been travelling ever since their evolution. When terror strikes they retreat to their caves, but with danger gone they are back in open again. It is evident from the way people are flocking to their favourite pubs and bars as soon as the restriction is relaxed. Once COVID is gone, everything will be back to normal including travel
Kirill Kamanin
@animesh_singh3 like I think he meant that people are now spoiled with food delivery with every service digitalised... they spend less and less time on making a decision. So will it spread to the travel sector also?
Vaibhav Namburi
I don't think so at all. The same was said when 9/11 happened, people said its the end of the travel industry and aeroplane business is dead. The travel industry was one of the highest risers The media will find something else to latch onto next and by then we'd have all moved on - its the unfortunate / sad truth
Kirill Kamanin
@veebuv its not the same.... to be scared is another part of human behaviour. It is more about spoiled people who made every step by means of digitalised products... as they have to survive somehow...
Christian Heine
First: COVID is so unprecedented that it's really hard to predict anything. But you can try to derive what might happen in certain scenarios. I think short term (min. 12-18 months) until a vaccine is available and distributed, it's quite likely that countries will remain cautious on immigration - either by lockdown or quarantine. So just from a practical perspective, it might be difficult to justify non-essential travel. After that, I think important factors will include spending power (i.e. how severe the economic impacts have hit) and cost of travel (especially air travel cost might rise). My personal guess is that travel inside the own country - and probably neighboring countries will rise compared to international travel. I might be wrong, but I don't think that the human need for exploration and social interaction will be diminished. On the contrary, many people might want to compensate.
afra yilmaz
I try to travel with personal hygiene and personal car
Johnathon Cross West
I think the key word in the poll is 'AFTER' Covid 19. Not while it's ongoing.
As it seems, it is going to be local travel at least for the 2020. How do you plan to monetize it?
Kirill Kamanin
@rsharma The problem is people do want to travel.... but all their saving were spent on life while covid... so what they will choose to travel or to live normal life, as it was before.
Only for the first months, then back to normal