Product Hunt VS Traditional press

Gordon Campbell
7 replies
I'm starting to get some traction on traditional press and see a big difference from when I submitted my project to PH. So I'm wondering what experiences you had. Please check out me #travel website Destinfo here:


Lisa A. Barba
love the website! super cool tool and very useful!!
Eikleison Belga
I live in Brazil and found many places that I didn't know on your website, it's useful. How do you plan on monetizing it ?
Gordon Campbell
@tidderjail Glad to hear, did you create a profile to save all those places to your bucket list? Any features that you are missing? I have several ideas for Monetization, but it is not a priority right now.
Borja Soler
I'm curious, traditional press is bringing more traffic to your site?
Gordon Campbell
@solerbor Definitely. As you can see from the Destinfo post: It doesn't have many upvotes... only now I'm starting to get some, although few. The press picked it up because they made a qualified assessment, instead of using an algorithm. I'm enjoying PH because of the community... but didn't see much of an impact by submitting the project in the home page.