How did you get your first 100 users?

Gautham Santhosh
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First 100 user are mostly your friends and family members. Share your app link with them. Use your personal social media accounts to connect with them and request them for feedback and review. @gilliy
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For Divjoy the first 100 users came from the Hacker News launch (was on front-page all day).
@gabe_ragland gave that a shot, only heard crickets. Maybe bad timing.
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@httpmax yeah it can be pretty hit or miss. My main suggestions are 1) doing a “Show HN” with a really thoughtful, honest introductory comment (you really don’t want it to come off like you’re just hitting up the HN community for traffic) and 2) line up some people ahead of time to ask questions to get the conversation going
Maker at | Bootstrapper 🌱 - Chatbot for websites got the first 250 users from it's PH launch.
Hey there, I think it's different for different companies. Our approach has been too mainly look for ways in which we can help others. I have a product design / business strategy background, so I've spent quite a lot of time helping others with their landing pages. The developer I'm working with has reached out to communities to help younger devs with problems they're having. We've found that helping others, without conditions, has led people to inquire about our company Magic. ( This leads to people signing up... which will hopefully translate to users. It's not a scaleable approach, but I think it offers a good starting point. PS, Safeguard looks really cool!
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Hacker News and Subreddits, Jooseph is a place where you can follow and share curated collections of links for learning. So, we have shared our first list on related subreddits
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This is an interestig summary - - should really help you
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Producthunt/IH/HN/DN - great place to attract your first users, but much more harder to get your first 1000 users and engage them.
@dimabraven I know all of these except DN, what's that??
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@jack_wright1 Hey! I mean It like a hackernews for design/front-end related things.
@dimabraven haha, as a designer I probably should have known this one! 😂 Thanks for sharing! Speaking of hackernews... they could really use some design love. I feel like I go a bit cross eyed every time I'm on there.
@dimabraven I'm digging itmeo too! Keep pushing it. Just found these guys. Similar, but different. Might offer extra inspiration if they're not on your radar.
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@jack_wright1 thanks! Yes, we're working on new great and huge projects! 1. Community for web creators 2. Web-site builder like figma but for creating code 3. Marketplace for instagram templates 4. Plugin for figma 4, 5 almost done and will be realesed in month.
Friends and family on facebook. Create a Facebook page for your product and ask your friends and family to share. Depending on your friends list it could go either way but its free.
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Yet to go for Mail Shield. As for it came 100% organically ... :)