How do you makers keep your energy levels up?

Aaron Kazah
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I'm not referring to motivation, just physical energy. Recently I had to take a week break to re-energize myself after working for a while, I wanted to know what sort of activities you guys do to keep yourself reasonably energized.


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For me its ensuring I'm sleeping enough i.e. >7.5 hours. Ensuring I'm moving / working out / going to yoga class also helps. Avoiding processed food and sugar is good, too. I had a jam donut for the first time in months the other day and after the initial sugar high found myself really low energy and crashing.
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@abadesi Thanks for the comment abadesi. I think I especially resonate with the sugar crash, I'm a sucker for tea, I take several cups a day and horrendous amount of sugar along with it. I'll try cutting it down and opting for more natural occurring sugar drinks like maybe mango juice or something. It's a good start to cutting it down
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@abadesi Sleep is so under-rated - ignore the hustle porn and make sure you get in your 7-8 hours! Enough sleep is make or break for me - there are some other things that I find help me (lifting weights 3x per week, cold showers in morning, cutting out sugar, meditating, herbal supplements Ashwagandha/Gotu Kola/Bacopa, getting 10 minutes of sun per day) but they're marginal compared to getting enough sleep...
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@alxcnwy Agreed sleep is the key! Specifically a sleep that is long and includes lots of deep sleep/REM time. Cutting out sugar has a big impact on keeping energy stable, too as you said.
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@aaron_kazah You could try honey in your tea instead or switch to a herbal tea that is naturally sweet - have you tried fruit teas? They are like warm ribena 😋 but yes sugar is the enemy! Never feel as tired/deflated as I do when that insulin rush hits post sugar intake.
I tried not to over-sleep, usually 7 hours is good enough and working out for an hour in the morning, after that If I feel low on energy - I took a cold shower to make my energy flow. Also drink juices sometimes help me to gain more energy, balancing my coffee intake
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@marisa_paramita This! I find that when I oversleep I get insanely tired, also the same applies if I undersleep. I think now my optimum number is 5-6 hours and taking naps along the day helps me out. I usually work out in the evening, I'll try working out in the morning. It seems like a productive boost to get the blood flowing early.
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We need a proper sleep, exercises, eat healthy food. Don't do something that will drain your energy and affect your health. Stick to a routine, sometimes it's hard maintain but even if you are not in track, get back to it as soon as possible.
For me It's working out and going for a run. I tend to feel like when something doesn't goes rigth like I miss meditation, eat junk food, skip a workout.. I tend to collapse on all other stuff too.
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To add to what others are saying: naps. Whenever I feel low on energy, I hit the bed. * Set a 25 minute timer * Make the room as quiet and dark as possible * Relax/slow down your breathing. 25 minutes is long enough to get 10-15 minutes of sleep and catch a wave of energy. Longer naps can leave you feeling low again.
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Apart from sleep that has been mentioned numerous times and that's obvious, I find myself at the peak of energy when my motivation is in the same place. So, whenever I feel unmotivated, I just switch to something new, like from code to SysOps then to a bit of research and so I keep things moving like that. Also, being French, good food is of the uttermost importance to keep this motivation high.
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Walking on a high HR for a 40-60 mins or swimming. It is the only thing that helps me
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For me, there are days when i feel too tired after coming from work! I realized that a small walk or run used to change my energy level so much. I did experiment with that many times. I used to sleep when i feel tired on few days and on other days i went for run. Run was a game changer, post run i used to feel energized. I play music instrument called Veena, if i am very late to home at night, and i cldn't go to run. Playing it also had the same impact as running for me. So i consider these two to be my energy booster.
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Maintaining a good schedule is crucial for me. When I keep my schedule bounded to the hours in which I've defined (i.e. work from 9-5 with scheduled breaks) my body knows when to expect what I'm doing and response with the appropriate amount of energy for the most part.
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In addition to sleep, definitely eating properly throughout the day/overall nutrition. The worst for me is the post lunch crash, so I've completely changed what I eat. Focus primarily on whole grains, quinoa, lentils, various soups, things that are either high in protein, fiber, and/or fat. I avoid carbs as much as possible during lunch, and definitely no refined sugar whatsoever. During the day, various kind of fruit/vegetable juices (people confuse fructose with refined sugar, the effect is not the same). As long as you don't over do it, and look for the fresh rather than canned stuff can help keep you sharp and going during the day. Snacking on nuts, or avoiding snacking altogether. Oh and finally: lots of water. I have notches on my water bottle I add/erase everyday to get to 5L per day.
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I have your solution!!!
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1) Sleep 2) Meditation 3) Keto/carnivore diet 4) No processed foods 5) A lot of tea and water