How many streaming services are you subscribed to? 🤔

Calum Webb
10 replies
With Disney + being released this coming week, it's becoming harder and harder to only have one subscription for premium entertainment. Share in the comments down below, which services you use and why! 👇


Jeiman Jeya
Netflix. It's been around longer than any other streaming service and has a bigger audience and content distribution throughout the globe. I hope Disney+ does not put region restriction on their content for users residing around the globe that is not from the US or Canada.
Robert Williams
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Hulu, and I'll include Xfinity on the list because it's where I get my sports entertainment.
George Bougakov
Netflix, Amediateka (Home of HBO in Russia), Apple TV+ (using my free year)
Anna Wangler
Netflix and Amazon Video, but the last one I just use because I have Amazon Prime anyway. But it’s high likely I subscribe to Disney+ next year when it releases in Germany. So I would say 1-2. Services like Sky I just subscribe for a single month sometimes if there is a good show running.
Gonçalo Henriques
Zero but my brother in law pays for 4 accounts and he gave me one.
Shane Doyle
Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. May drop Hulu and no desire to add A+ or D+.... already have access to enough content in my life.
I have Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Mubi.
Dustin Daniels
Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV+ (free) YouTube TV. Just added HBO for Silicon Valley. Canceled Hulu but getting it included with Disney+ tomorrow.
Nick Bess
Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu.
Kate Middle
I have Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Spotify, and Hulu subscriptions currently. I sometimes change my subscriptions or cancel them. I also use some of the add-ons mentioned at that allow me to get access to free streaming sources.