How many streaming services are you subscribed to? 🤔

Calum Webb
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With Disney + being released this coming week, it's becoming harder and harder to only have one subscription for premium entertainment. Share in the comments down below, which services you use and why! 👇
4 or more?!


Co-founder of Devly | Cloud Visionary
Netflix. It's been around longer than any other streaming service and has a bigger audience and content distribution throughout the globe. I hope Disney+ does not put region restriction on their content for users residing around the globe that is not from the US or Canada.
SW Dev who just left the #CorporateLife
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify, Hulu, and I'll include Xfinity on the list because it's where I get my sports entertainment.
Tools Development Team @ Skyeng / Osmi
Netflix, Amediateka (Home of HBO in Russia), Apple TV+ (using my free year)
Netflix and Amazon Video, but the last one I just use because I have Amazon Prime anyway. But it’s high likely I subscribe to Disney+ next year when it releases in Germany. So I would say 1-2. Services like Sky I just subscribe for a single month sometimes if there is a good show running.
Growth Product Manager
Zero but my brother in law pays for 4 accounts and he gave me one.
Son of a maker, father of a designer.
Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. May drop Hulu and no desire to add A+ or D+.... already have access to enough content in my life.
Founder & CEO, Hustle Crew
I have Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and Mubi.
Children's Book Author/App Developer
Netflix, Amazon Prime, AppleTV+ (free) YouTube TV. Just added HBO for Silicon Valley. Canceled Hulu but getting it included with Disney+ tomorrow.