Whats the best onboarding experience you've seen when signing up to a product?

Vaibhav Namburi
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Hey PHers We're in the process of updating our onboarding process. We've picked up some key issues from tracking data and drop-offs using Hotjar and Amplitude But I'd love to know from you what has made for some of the best onboarding journeys you've experienced? I personally LOVED the onboarding for Stake (robinhood for Australia) - they continuously primed me for what my success would look like, used LinkedIn/FB to prevent me from filling in additional details and make the entire ID and connection process extremely seamless.


I really liked the onboarding of Threema
I've noted a year ago the Transferwise onboarding as one of the best in class: 3 clicks and the job is done.
ADitya Kandari
Superhuman onboarding with a personal zoom call and cleaning up your inbox right in front of you, reels you in to this amazing product, which is although expensive has become as a cult of its own.
Jack Wright
Endel is really good. So is Moleskin's Actions app. My app has a pretty killer onboarding too 🙃 magicmorning.co
Mark Bullard
I've been quite impressed with !activecampaign onboarding experience as a whole.
flo merian
@veebuv Hi Vaibhav! I was in your shoes last year. Here's some of the best stuff I found: More recently, I started a series of presentations tearing down onboarding flows from B2B SaaS companies. One that recently stood me out was the Linear onboarding flow. Enticing, educational, productive, with delightful UI details. For me, it was an instant WOW effect.