Help me with the app name please!!

Aleksander Vasilchuk
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I want to launch an app but don’t know how to name it. It is a statistical app where is the online statistics of oil reserves, deforestation and other ecology statistics. Also, there is a COVID-19 statistics around the world and each country. PLEASE,HELP ME TO NAME IT. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GATHER SEVERAL TOPICS IN ONE NAME.


Trevor Smith
Yeah it's tough to find a name with an available domain and that can be trademarked. This company provides an interesting naming service at an affordable price -
Elena Fedina
When I was struggling to name a new product but had a clear vision of what it was/what value it was going to bring to the users, I found this site - I played around for 1-2 hours with different word combinations and eventually landed on 3 options that I brought back to the team for a vote.
Aleksander Vasilchuk
@paragpathak2006 Thanks, You know, I am struggling because I believe that the app name should briefly characterize the app itself. Thanks for your idea!
Robin Nessensohn
Consider who is the main target group of the app. Who should be interested and why are they interested. If you have a clear image of who is the main user of the app, it will also be easier to find a fitting name that is attractive to your target audience.