Help me with the app name please!!

Aleksander Vasilchuk
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I want to launch an app but don’t know how to name it. It is a statistical app where is the online statistics of oil reserves, deforestation and other ecology statistics. Also, there is a COVID-19 statistics around the world and each country. PLEASE,HELP ME TO NAME IT. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO GATHER SEVERAL TOPICS IN ONE NAME.


Yeah it's tough to find a name with an available domain and that can be trademarked. This company provides an interesting naming service at an affordable price -
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@snackjones thank you 🙏
When I was struggling to name a new product but had a clear vision of what it was/what value it was going to bring to the users, I found this site - I played around for 1-2 hours with different word combinations and eventually landed on 3 options that I brought back to the team for a vote.
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Simple call it StatGeo
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@paragpathak2006 Thanks, You know, I am struggling because I believe that the app name should briefly characterize the app itself. Thanks for your idea!
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@aleksander_vasilchuk ya now i think GeoStats sound even more exciting.
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Consider who is the main target group of the app. Who should be interested and why are they interested. If you have a clear image of who is the main user of the app, it will also be easier to find a fitting name that is attractive to your target audience.