What are the most important steps at the first day when you launch your first app on PH?

Aleksander Vasilchuk
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All advice are important for me:)


Renato Barba
stay awake 72 hours straight, be reachable and answer all questions - at the same time, make sure your product does not crash
Prashant Nigam
engage with the users by replying to their comments and feedback
Aleksander Vasilchuk
@prashantbuddy thanks, but to reply to comments I have to have them. I don’t understand how people in first days have so a lot of users...
Giulio Maselli
make sure you post your product launch on all your social media channel, and if you have already users/subscribers contact them directly (mail, newsletter...) to inform them of the product launch on ph
caryn werner
reply to every comment! it helps boost your engagement. i've been tweeting some of the comments that are really sweet as well. :)
1. Broadcast: You can create a brand new page and account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. Try to use ifttt or buffer to broadcast messages to all your social platforms. Keep all # @ keywords ready 2. Individual: Connect with your friends and family members and share your app beta link to test it well. You can use Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn etc to connect them. 3. Community platforms: connect some community platforms where you can ask for review and feedback. 4. Digital brochure and app images: Be ready with such stuff. Post those on your accounts and share those with others. 5. There are a bunch of websites you can use for your app screenshot so you can upload it to the Play Store and App Store. Make sure it is really pretty and with good resolution. 6. Create a shorty URL for your play store and app store link so it would be easily shared with everyone. 7. Make sure your codebase is clean and clear. So if any issue comes then you can easily fix immediately. Remember if you see any issue and you fix it immediately then it takes time to get live on the play store and app store. so make sure you have tested your app well and get it tested by others too. 8. Test well sever load. If there is a good amount of traffic then your server-side services should work well. Remember first impression is always the last impression to your user. I hope this list would help you. I had experienced when I developed my app 'Namly' for both platforms. I hope it would help you. Good Luck! @gilliy @NamlyApp