Do you believe that the more minimalistic website, the better it is?

John Banko
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Just have read the article that said that all top websites make it simple with bright accents. I made mine in white and blue colors with text and pictures. Do you think it is minimalistic? I'm afraiding the pages are too heavy.


Jack Wright
Hey! Honestly I don't think that more minimal necessarily equals "better". In my opinion these are the three criteria that should drive a site. Once you figure this out, it's just about simplifying the UX / Design. ---------------------------------------------- USER SHOULD "GET IT" WITHIN 10 SECONDS ---------------------------------------------- There are really 2 core things that the user should take away immediately when they first land on your site: 1) What do you claim to do 2) How do you do it Consider Slacks landing page. Their opening line: "Slack brings the team together, wherever you are" This clearly explains their "what". Slack brings teams together. Now consider their secondary line: "With all of your communication and tools in one place, remote teams will stay productive no matter where you’re working from." This clearly explains their "how". Slack is a communication tool. ---------------- KEEP IT SIMPLE ---------------- If you look at most successful companies they lean into their 2-4 key value props, and just keep reiterating these things over and over. For instance, consider (the billion dollar shoe startup) Their key value props are: - The world’s most comfortable shoes - Made with sustainable, natural materials. If you look at every touch point of the company (site / social media / ads / packaging, etc), they emphasize / re-emphasize their key value props over and over. Really good brands make it clear what they are, how they do it, and why you should care. Right now, I'm not quiet getting why I should care if there's a moderator or not. --------------------------------- DEFINE YOUR WHY, HOW, WHAT --------------------------------- I just went through a process that was really helpful for me, and might help you as well. It's based on the Simon Sinek Ted talk, where he emphasizes the importance of not only what you do, and how you do it, but also why you do it. Here's what it looked like when I ran through this exercise for my company, Magic. Our "Why" - We want to help people become their best selves Our "How" - We curate the best industry content (guided meditations, workouts, recipes), and package all of this content into a personalized morning routine app Our "What" - We make a morning routine app called Magic. You can see our end result here It's not perfect, but might be helpful as a point of reference. --------- I just took a look at your site. I think it's really nice! You may want to just scale back on the value props a bit. It feels a little overwhelming (I may be guilty of the same thing though!).
caryn werner
I definitely prefer more minimalistic designs. I think they are visually appealing, often have a clearer CTA and are not over-stimulating. However, this might just be a personal preference. :) It would be good to look at your target demo + see what type of visuals they tend to gravitate towards.