I am ready to review your product/site and want to have a review of mine.

John Banko
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I have been working as a product manager for 10 years, so I am ready to review and give a feedback about your product/site and instead I want you to review my product that is listed on my profile in the section submitted. Looking forward to your websites and reviews!


Sure. I am happy to do the same John.
@ayush_jain85 I am ready, waiting for your link. The link to my product is in the section submitted in my profile.
@john_banko Here is my product Codegrip.io Its a automated code review platform helping teams write better code
This is a great exchange, I'm not ready yet but send me your link and I'll reply to this thread
@brittany_partridge I'll wait for your link! Please, could you upvote and review my product in the secrion submitted in my account?
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@brittany_partridge You idea is very useful as now our best electronic friend is a laptop and a phone, so we could see the tasks wherever we are. I am looking for your launching to make a review full because as I see you have only coming soon page.
@brittany_partridge Thanks you for your recommendations! If you could copy and paste this comment and add it to my product comments in my profile, I'll be happy :)
This is a great idea. I am in.
@vipulaggarwal87 Upvoted your products, do you want a review of CanisHub? My product is in the section submitted in my profile. Could you please upvote and review it, too?
@john_banko A review will be of great help! :-)
I am finishing some details about mine but I am ready to check yours !
@maria_garcia_gerena Thanks! Could you please upvote or leave a review about mine? It is in the submitted section in my profile! I am totally ready to review yours :)
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