Which is your favorite tool for web developing that a few people know about ?

Kaloyan Dobrev
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For me one of my favorite tool is Colorzilla. It is best when I need to check the color of some element or take from color from some image.


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I use something similar, ColorPick chrome extension, and use it every day. Maybe not my favorite tool, but https://www.colorsandfonts.com/ really helps us find font families and suitable color themes when starting a new project or revamping a site.
Readymag.com This is by far the most underrated site builder. Our site was built using this: https://magicmorning.co/ It's much easier to use than squarespace or wix, and it's way more flexible / powerful.
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Interesting questions. Not sure if few people know about it. But recently, I started using BrowserStack - https://www.browserstack.com/ to test the application in different mobile configurations. Pretty happy with the overall experience.