[๐Ÿ‘‹] What's the biggest blocker in your startup/side project & how can someone help?

Larry Mickie
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I know myself currently I'm getting better at making sure organizing my calendar better -- in a time where I know a lot of dates, meetings, or events (outside of internal team meetings) might be getting canceled. So having better ways of planning (or blocking off time) for me would help a ton!


Great question... I think you definitely raised a big one: time. The other is prioritising. With so many projects running at the same time as well as outstanding tasks it can be hard to decide which one to tackle first. I try to use the Eisenhower matrix to always start with the ones which are most urgent and important but it's still tricky!
San Kumar
Mine would be the shiny object syndrome. If only I could focus all my time and energy on the thing that is working and not chase after different ideas, tech like a cat chasing a ball of yarn I'd be much better off. Also delegating would be another. Why do I need to do everything myself? Except support and a few small tasks I'm always trying to do everything. This is another blocker.
Jetmir Haxhiavdyli
@bhatnagar_san I had this problem too. Starting on something then having a better idea and chasing the next one and next one and so on. I overcame that sticking in one thing. I finally got my product done and live. FINALLY! I just decided to stick to one thing until its done.