3 Deadliest Mistakes you should not do on Product Hunt launch ☠️

Mayank Mishra
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These are the top 3 mistakes I repeatedly see people making on @producthunt : πŸ’© 1) Always on SALES MODE!!: Don't make the mistake of selling your product, convincing people to go and upvote your product, it's a turn-off for everyone. The ProductHunt team and the algorithm are especially cautious of identifying people who are spamming the community. βš–οΈ 2) SELF before service: Don't make the mistake of just using PH for your benefit, the community runs of enthusiasts who are missionaries to help makers and builders succeed. Make sure you're contributing enough before you ask for a favor. πŸš€ 3) Just a launch machine: Perhaps this is a common mistake people make of treating PH as just a launch platform. Don't shop up on launch day and never turn back. The community is always giving back. You can learn a lot from other makers, their stories and their launches, meet amazing builders and find your next inspiration. add another mistake we should avoid on PH community in the comments.


Alexey Shashkov
That's a cool topic, Mayank! Totally agreed.
Mayank Mishra
@shashcoffe Is there anything that you want to add to the list? that I missed out
Arnav Bathla
100% agreed with everything mentioned. I totally think that having a value-first mindset is the key. Give value. Sales will follow! Contribute. Provide value. Build. πŸš€
Mayank Mishra
@arnavbathla also shoutout to you for being helpful to people across platforms!! keep it up brother :)
Mike Ivars
Totally agree @mishra_mayank. For me it there has been 3 phases with my PH relationship.. initially times ago I discovered it and loved it to find sporadically new amazing tools, and to have the last new thing or trend. The second was think in to leverage their power for launch sharing our own products as a makers, and finally discover the amazing community that live in, to return almost in a daily basis.
Mayank Mishra
@ivarsmas More folks need to hear your formula! I like how you've simply listed them down here.. gold!!
Eugene Hauptmann
I can relate to the 1st mistake, eventually that's what stayed in my mind at 2am. Reason: I was out of the content ideas and needed some sleep. In general: If you address your launch as a community event, you'll have much better chances to stay on course. This is what ProductHunt team did themselves in the early days.
Mayank Mishra
@eugenehp hey Eugene thanks for sharing your thoughts, never knew about the interesting story about the early days of the product hunt.
Michael Xing
Wow! Thanks for the info! We were making the 3rd mistake. We'd love to connect with other makers!
Michael Xing
@mishra_mayank Hi Mayank! I really like your ProjectHunt, what kind of *nocode projects would normally be posted on there?
Michael Xing
@mishra_mayank Also, how would you recommend giving back to the community and finding other makers? I don't see a messaging function. Thanks!
Mayank Mishra
@mrmuke Thankyou Michael, it could be anything from big to small, there are projects from YC startups to as simple as a newsletter.
Mayank Mishra
@mrmuke I'm no expert but I do this by engaging with other members, helping them on twitter by sharing their content, giving them feedback,etc. I also try to help them by sharing my experience of launching.
Arpit Mishra
Boom πŸ’₯ Thanks for putting this ...it is everything you need to remember when launching on PH. You give value to the community, the community will eventually pay you back.
Mayank Mishra
@arpitmishra as a community builder, your approval means a lot. What would you suggest for adding value to the community? any insights
Daniel Baum
Totally agree Mayank! I think a lot of people don't even know about the community aspect - I'm just getting started and trying to connect with makers and hunters alike!
Mayank Mishra
@daniel_baum I too recently discovered the vibrant community of PH! I quite like the upfront help community offers.
Daniel Baum
@mishra_mayank Ya its awesome! Everyone has aligned goals - support each other and launch the best produts!
Miguel Bordoy
Amen! Love how you explained it :)
Pablo Fatas
I totally agree about the sales mode thing. Sometimes a lot of interactions with people in the startup world feel super transactional and disengenious. BTW you should check out my product at… just kidding :)
Lalit Tyagi
Mayank great tip thanks for the same. I only recently came to know about PH,It is good sign for us to get to know about this community. Best part entrepreneur helping here and explain giving tips to grow up their startup. we are coming with our product also but as we know its really need to be properly strategise to be on PH.Great to see many more post and topics about this again great post Mayank.
Mia Pham
Really glad I came across this. I'm in the process of preparing my own launch. Thank you for the info!
Mitchell Orme
@mishra_mayank Great post! Really informative for someone who is working on a team that's headed toward a PH launch. Is there slack channel for PH? Or are there are other platforms to find PH members? I'm looking to start some more conversations and learn from other makers and founders?
Mayank Mishra
@mitchell_orme I'm not aware if there is one, Twitter is a good platform, many PH users are very active.
Anand Radhakrishnan
Totally agree Mayank, while i have been on and off PH with some 600+ following, i went ahead with the launch reachout on PH just 24 hrs before, i wasnt aspiring to be a topper (#1 product of the day) i am lucky i got 65 upvotes :) most from new folks...enjoy the community there is so much to learn and share.
Mayank Mishra
@websitestoolz Thankyou sir, do checkout and share your thoughts on Poppins! https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Great tidbits @mishra_mayank .... Community engagement is a art which I am still struggling to learn. These tips help