Which name should I pick for my new cold calling SAAS application?

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Eric Marthinsen
Neither speak to me. I'd keep looking. If I had to choose, I'd say the first. I feel like with the second, you'll always need to tell people that there are two Os at then end and not just one. The first one is spelled like it sounds.
@ericmarthinsen Thank you Eric. How do you find your name(s)?
Eric Marthinsen
@managequick I've found that getting to a good name is really just an exercise in persistence. You need to spend a good amount of time getting through all of the bad and/or obvious names until you get to the good ones. For the last name I found, I went through the book "Don't Call It That". It's a good book and has a bunch of exercises for exploring name ideas. You could, probably, substitute that book for any number of others, but it's the one I used. Any sort of structured approach to exploring name ideas would work. When I got to the end, I had written down a few hundred lousy names. It was a little discouraging. However, shortly after finishing it, I had an insight that lead to the name. I wouldn't have gotten to the good name if I hadn't spent the time wading through the bad ones. There is also a significant component of engaging your subconscious on the task of coming up with a name. Spending all of the time coming up with names got my mind churning on the problem 24/7.
@ericmarthinsen thanks I will check that book out...I did a lot of reading online myself and for my first application i used a descriptive approach, managed to find exact word .com domain (ManageQuick.com). For this one I went with a more abstract approach (mavendi = marketing + vendi (sales)) having a hidden meaning with maven. But I didn't follow a very structured method per se other than whether a .com domain was available. Now, English is not my first language and I am certainly missing many nuances of what a name may evoke to somebody whose first language is English. So thank you for your detailed feedback!