What is the first feeling you've got when you read a word NSenes as a company name?

Hanna Barzakouskaya
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I need help and advice. We named our company a long time ago and love this name. But recently we've heard some concerns about this naming and now try to resolve them. The name NSenes includes the main reason why we're building our product. We believe that we can help people to avoid a lot of chronic diseases while aging and this means that we can increase the quality of life. NSenes is a word that combines the first part of the terms of negligible senescence that means for us that we coded in this name a willing to get negligible senescence in humans by technological means. But this term doesn't use spreadly and we need to be sure that NSenes doesn't cause bad feelings.


Sarah Loertscher
So "NSenes" doesn't necessarily cause bad feelings, but at first read it doesn't seem to convey what you are hoping. I had to look up "senescence" to understand what it was. If you ever do decide to rename, maybe focus on the positive: increasing the quality of life, being hopeful for the best future possible. A product referencing the avoidance of old age isn't the most inspiring hook for me, but something that can make the future brighter? Then I'm interested.
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@sarahloertscher Thanks for the comments and your opinion. The avoidance of aging signs sounds not inspiring enough? We won't be able to reach it by our product for now (based on the current level of medicine, of course). Maybe one day, in the future. But it's extremely exciting from my point of view.
George Koshy
"senescence" is not a commonly used word. I didn't bother looking up the dictionary. While negative reinforcement is an effective way to market your product you can gradually over a period of time convert it to a positive outlook when you have the right products in your portfolio to promise that to a consumer. I would suggest that you go for a name that may not necessarily be an anagram or abbreviation unless ofcourse you find one that relates to what you do and sounds good. You could go for an unrelated name and then have a strong tagline that conveys what you do.
I don't know how to pronounce it which would make it hard for me to talk about it! I prefer simple easy to read names :)