How can I improve my Chrome extension manager?

Naomi Assaraf šŸ”„
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Hi guys, I'm building out a Chrome extension manager, and I wonder what I could do to improve its use. This is just a movie about it:
but I'd love your take. What's missing? Here's what I have available so far: āœ… discovery of all your chrome extensions that you installed āœ… a way to enable / disable / remove in a click āœ… a way to group your extensions together (ie: shopping, cooking, productivity, etc) āœ… a way to enable / disable an entire extension group The idea is to help chrome extension users understand what they may have installed, protect them from extensions that are data mining, help keep their browser speed high, and to help them manage what they use in the moment that they need it. I found 2 things we could improve, but looking to the community to give suggestions that are outside my little builder bubble. LMK! I can add features quickly.


Kelvin T.
I like the way it's categorizing all the extensions. I think it's absolutely amazing. Good job.
Ken Savage
Super clean UI. I'm in extension overload anyways so this is nothing but helpful for me. Nice timing @nassaraf. What about a way to rename the categories myself. I can see me having 4 different categories already.
Naomi Assaraf šŸ”„
@kensavage You can absolutely name each category whatever you want! Out of curiosity, what 4 categories are you thinking to add?
Naomi Assaraf šŸ”„
If you want to ā˜‘ļøŽ it out, I just launched it: