How much time do you spend on social media at work?

Artem Galenko
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I use social media as part of my job so I'm on it a significant part of my day. How about you?
Artem Galenko
@abadesi me too. but unfortunately sometimes I overuse them
@unrealartemg I know what you mean! I think infinite scrolling should be banned for the sake of humanity 😅 Which do you use the most? Twitter? LinkedIn? Facebook? I'm on Twitter followed by LinkedIn.
Artem Galenko
@abadesi ahahah I am into facebook and instagram. they are like a swamp
@unrealartemg I actively try to limit my time on Instagram because I find it so addictive. I try to just completely avoid it most days because once I open it time just slips away!
Michael Aubry
@abadesi Same and it's easy to fall into that trap, requires lots of discipline not to. I have it set to remind me when I hit the one hour mark. Then I do some evaluation and ask myself if that hour was spent wisely. By the way, heard the podcast with Delane and was really impressed with it, so glad you guys put that into the world. I am grateful.
My job is social media xD
Luke B
It is part of my job though so i am basically on different platforms all day/evening.
Shangata Afsana
Its really a complex question for me. Sometimes spending more than 3 hours abd sometimes not using 😀😀
Michael Aubry
I try to avoid it for mindless stuff. My goal is to create as much as possible, learn, and collaborate for business sake.
Easin Ali
I use social media as part of my job so I'm on it a significant part of my day. How
John Bauer
Social Media is a part of my work. I spend more than 2 hours on various channels.
Almost all of it ðŸĪŠ
David Akin-Williams
Social media is the center of my job
Jinbo Liang
Most of my works are on social media. Kinda overwhelmed by all kinds of information.