What's your creative space / workspace?

Rigo Gonzalez
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Since not all of us have an option to work from or in a luxurious workspace like an overlooking condo high-rise, by the beach or even a window-side rooms, how to do you get by what you're doing? Space is important to ensure we breathe enough to be creative, but some, like me have a very limited space to work with, a small table where my laptop sits, a place for a sketchbook / notebook, my phone holder, a lamp, coffee at the side seems to be enough for me at the moment. However, there are times where you require more, you need some change in your workspace to keep your brain going from rearranging your table, adding some toy displays or adding some backlights to make your work fun? Am curious to know how people get by the very same setup or environment everyday?


Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
My goto for the last 10 months has been a set of mental rituals. Quick meditation, having an exhaustive checklist in place, and put on the headphone without any music in it, just to let people around me that I am not up for a conversation. This has helped me make sure, that while the external triggers may change(table setup, light, weather etc.), I have a better control on them because I have got a hold of my internal triggers. For me personally, the external things/workspace etc. does't matter as much. I make sure if there is something I don't need, it's not on the table, that's it. I can just get into the zone. I will highly recommend The Power of Habit and @nireyal indestructible for learning more on that. Hope this helps!