Do you use Stripe to process subscriptions?

Shahrzad Darafsheh
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Hi PH fam! So yesterday, my team launched the first video of our SaaS Billing Show. In light of this, I wanted to come on here to ask my fellow hunters a few questions: 1. Are you using Stripe as your payment gateway? 2. Do you know about Stripe Billing? 3. Do you have any questions regarding pricing models for your subscription SaaS? 4. Are you stuck in implementing your subscription billing flow? 5. What is the most challenging part of implementing your subscription billing? For those interested, here is a link to the video: I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!:)


Ondrej Dobias
Hey Shahrzad, we're using Stripe to process our subscriptions. In general I am very satisfied - the integration was seamless and the product "just works". There are few gaps that, if removed, would make our lives better: - European VAT tax - it would be great if the payment system would validate the VAT ID provided as well as the billing address, so that we could assign the correct tax automatically - iterations on the subscriptions - we're using the Stripe Checkout and any new plan requires a change in our code. This makes it more costly than necessary. Happy to discuss if that would help. Best regards, Ondrej
Shahrzad Darafsheh
@ondrej_dobias1 Hi Ondrej! Thanks for the response. I am also a big advocate for Stripe! I definitely hear you with the VAT tax -- it's a complaint I've heard from many, but thankfully there are some integrations that can be used to solve that piece of the puzzle for the time being. As for iterations on subscriptions, man that sounds super tedious! I'd love to get on a call sometime this week and learn more about your product. Here's a link to my calendar: