How do you feel about parental controls?

Blair Fast
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The Washington Post shared an interesting article today about teens and parental controls which got wondering how the community felt about this topic?


I spent the other weekend trying to get my smartphone out of the hands of my two year old goddaughter who was being sucked into the dark hole of the YouTube algorithm suggesting nursery rhyme after nursery rhyme. When I looked away for a second I returned to find her awaiting my Touch ID to purchase paid for content! These products are incredibly intuitive and so I would absolutely create boundaries knowing that a young person can't grasp the consequences (on mental and physical health) of too much screen time.
Lydia Sugarman
Yeah, kids and teens will probably find work-arounds to parental controls. That's part of growing up. But, in the meantime, providing parental controls helps parents do their job in protecting their kids and teens and introducing limits and rules, all part of parental love.
Jake Mor
Parental controls are in my eyes like training wheels. While they are a great way to get started, you can't learn to ride a bike unless you take them off. There is no substitute to teaching your kids how to use the uncensored internet the right way!
Blair Fast
@jakemor Thanks for your insight Jake! What role do you think the tech world should have in deciding when these 'training wheels' should come off? Should they come off at a specific age or based on an agreement between kid/teen and parent?
Bobby Dragulescu
@jakemor @blair_fast Every kiddo is so different. With my 3 adopted kids, I know that they will need a little extra help keeping them out of compromising and/or dangerous situations (or just plain old time-sucks) well beyond what society tells us is the right age. For others that may come much younger. Everyone ripens at a different speed, only you as the parent can make that call. Being a kid is infinitely more complicated now than it ever was... I can't imagine my life right now if every dumb thing I did at that age was permanently recorded for the whole world to see.
Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
On a completely unrelated note. I have found this to be very useful. I put parental controls for myself on my iphone. Maybe I am adulting? I don't know. But it sure has helped be develop a healthier relationship with my phone. I am also sleeping much, much better. 10/10 would recommend trying it out to everyone. And no, this is not a joke.
Blair Fast
@rishigb I love the 'adulting'. I do the same thing for my own sanity - turning notifications of for most of my apps after 9pm!