Is it easy to understand what your product does?

Serge Slipchenko
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Hi Makers, It is already six months since the first attempt to promote my service Last week I made a partnership proposal to a person working on his email-related product. He refused due to work overload but was kind to share his opinion about my product. It took some mental effort to him, to read the landing page and understand the purpose of my service. I wonder if any of you faced a similar problem and how you found your perfect description or, at least, how did you try to improve your landing page?


David Jones
It's a little wordy and hard to follow. You could benefit from the help of a good copywriter who could help you tell your story a little more clearly and succinctly. Your product seems useful, though. A more compelling way of presenting it would likely help with adoption.
Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar
You should go through this: I use this philosophy in my projects and work now.