Today is the final day to submit your products! ⏳

Emily Hodgins
16 replies
If you have any questions / concerns about submission. We are here to help 💁🏼‍♀️


Matt Maz
@emilyjsnowdon MirrorMirror submitted! Was intense but great opportunity to finally build something that we were thinking about for a long time:) Would be happy to know more about what happens next ? Where the submissions will be show to PHunters etc.. ?
Emily Hodgins
@zamtam Hey Matt! The Showcase page will be released tomorrow and shared with the community. Stay tuned!
Paul Danyliuk
@emilyjsnowdon Hey Emily! How can I confirm that both my submissions (via form and via my email to you) are registered for the festival? Also +1 on Matt's question.
Emily Hodgins
@paul_danyliuk Hi Paul - yes your submissions received. The showcase page will be released tomorrow with all final submission. Stay tuned!
Aviary Technologies
@emilyjsnowdon Are we able to continue to work on our product? Coda docs are living things after all!
Madison Taskett
@emilyjsnowdon Hi! I would love to confirm that my submission was actually submitted, thank you!
Devan Sabaratnam
@emilyjsnowdon @taskett I'd like a confirmation too. I submitted a few days ago, but when I revisit the festival page, the submission form is there, and it lets me submit the same app again. I've submitted twice now, and don't want to barrage the team with duplicates so just wanted to make sure everything has gone through the first time.
Im hustling to finish my CODA doc thing and make it for the deadline! !having fun though!
Holy Moly.. I just checked out some of the CODA based submissions! .. WOW! I have to admit that now im pretty intimidated! Back to work for me.. I have till 11pm!
Michelle Volz
@emilyjsnowdon How much of the project has to be in Coda to be eligible for the main prize? What if the backend is managed by coda but the users are directed to a different webpage to sign up & get the services?
Paul Millerd
@emilyjsnowdon I missed the deadline but I created this free values reflection tool for fun - sharing here if anyone might get a kick out of it
Paul G
Hey! @emilyjsnowdon Where we can find the showcase page ?