Submissions are open!

Emily Hodgins
10 replies
Remember to submit your Snap creations before midnight on November 14. You do *not* need Snap approval to submit for inclusion in the festival showcase.


Adam Browne
Hi, Is that midnight tonight 11/13 or 11/14 11:59 pm?
Kevin D.H Kim 🤘
Just submitted! Do we get any confirmation emails?
Ethan Fan
how to find the snapkit app id?
Aaron O'Leary
@ethanyfan When you navigate to it is the number that appears after that :)
Just submitted 🎉 really excited for my first makers festival 😁
Kenny Grant
Our app is still waiting to be approved through Snap QA? Any help getting pushed through in Snapville?
Thanasi Stratigakis
What exactly is the "Snap Kit App Id(Client ID)" on the submission form? Is it the BundleID/PackageID or the ID that appears [HERE] ?