Happy Friday πŸŽ‰What does your ideal weekend look like?

Aaron O'Leary
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For me, it's time spent on some personal projects, time with family and a whole lot of cooking. Typically the last two things kind of go hand in hand.


I just like to sleep a lot and relax from work on weekends and
Lidia Klingenberg
Looking to spend more time outside in the fresh air. Working remotely while traveling is great but you can sometimes miss out on the amazing places you visit when you don't balance... Planning on enjoying a beautiful weekend day at a beach! πŸ‘‹ Greetings from Athens πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·
Tai Le
I don't have any personal project right now so I would take time to improve my knowledge, prepare for upcoming projects
Rahul Mohanachandran
Get an 8 hour sleep, work during day time, spending the whole evening with the family (walks, cooking and so on) and learning something new.
Aaron O'Leary
@rahul_mohanachandran I like the time management there, it's super important to manage time between life and work. Always fun to learn something new
Mitch Gillogly
Learn to code and try and build our web app
Sekhar Chandra
It starts with digital detox, continues with a long hike down at Yosemite with friends and family, ends with breath-taking views of dark skies dimly lit by Milky way from the Glacier Point site.
chun wang
Seem to you, cook something and spent time with friend.
Jack Cooper
Work-out, cook, read, all without having to look at the clock πŸ˜€