Ask your question/share your survey if you want to research any unknowns

Hanna Barzakouskaya
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Hi makers! Let's help each other with research on a problem/unknowns. Let use this discussion if you: (1) need to get an answer for a problem/unknowns like willing to pay for a service or check an assumption of your product, (2) want to get more responses for your survey. 🥳


Elvis Magagula
I'll be right here waiting to take the surveys :)
Elvis Magagula
Also, if you follow I follow back 🥳
Hanna Barzakouskaya
My company, Nsenes, is developing a personal healthcare system that helps to detect an early sign of health issues. Now we’re currently gathering market research and would love for those interested to participate in a brief, confidential and anonymous survey. Just 7 questions will take 2-4 minutes of your time. Please follow this link for the survey: Would love your thoughts!
Sreram K
What is that one thing you wish chat bots had? Somehow, it feels that chat bots are missing something important- Any bot I chat with, is too specific and it does not feel different from an interactive FAQ. Or in other cases, it is just an interactive form. Do you feel the same? The "chat notification" is too familiar to us. So we are usually more likely to click it, and feel at ease when the "red mark" disappears. Is that the only reason we have chat bots on websites? Could there be a better reason?
Hoda Emam
I needed this thread! I'll have a survey coming out soon!
Mae Woods
Market Research Question - besides renting a room like on Airbnb, what other type of space would you be interested in renting? (ex - parking, garden, pool, backyard etc.)
Hanna Barzakouskaya
@maewoods how about a roof space (for solar panel, cell network equipment, etc). if one leave in on a floor where windows are good visible from the street, renting out windows space for commercial advertisements might make sense as well