🤔I wonder how many of you have high Google page speed score, how did you get it?🚀

Araks Nalbandyan
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Hey there 🖐 I'm Araks, a digital marketer with SEO background and usually optimizing websites took to much time and nerves 🙃 It's such an important factor for high rankings. So I wonder if you pay attention on google pagespeed score and if so how much time do you spend on it?


Armenui Eganyan
Good question. I'd say yes, if you sell products (hardware/software), if it's a portfolio or something else - might be not relevant (still, it drives crazy when it takes way-to-long to upload all images). At the last place I worked focused on selling family projectors, when we spend freaking a lot of time on optimizing website and got from page load time 17 sec to 5 sec - let's say it helped us to improve conversion rate by 2x. So seems, fast website - something you def should work.
Araks Nalbandyan
@armenuhi_yeganyan yeah I've experience conversion rate changes as well, so that's why it's important
Oliver May
Yes, sir, you'd better do it. Start with basics - optimize images, there are bunch of plugins you can use for it, should not take a lot of time but will have impact on it. Other things might take like months if you work on one project, if there are a few - well, in this case hire a team=)
Anna Karakhanian
Yes, definitely. One of the main factors I pay attention to. It took us 2 months for one of our clients to optimize to speed, but it's worth it! The bounce rate decreased by 50%, and and we got 40% increase in conversions.
armine hayrapetyan
I completely agree with you that page speed is the crucial point in ranking high in Google. Page speed is also important to user experience (pages with longer load time tend to have higher bounce rates) hence we pay much attention to it!
Wei Chun
I run on wordpress and try to use as little plugin as possible. I run an online design agency so my portfolio page is rather important. As a rule of thumb, all the images are under 100kb. There are plenty of plugins that optimizes your code but a bad experience prompted me to avoid those at all cost.