Hey makers! A new Browsee has arrived and we are looking for your feedback!

Shraddha Srivastava
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We are building a tool called Browsee (https://browsee.io/) to help applications in understanding and giving flawless experience to their users via session recordings, heatmaps, and widgets. Last week we have completely changed our UI design for the admin dashboard and would love to get some feedback on the same. PS: Currently, users already have tools that provide this data but they have to wade through them to find insights. Browsee will automatically tag interesting user sessions which will reduce this effort to 1%. It will automatically generate a heatmap when it detects a change in a page and further improves user experience by giving easy insights overlaid with their product via a chrome extension. We are also building easy to customize widgets which can be triggered when a user is experiencing frustration and potentially improve their experience in real-time.


Have you shared it in our dedicated thread? https://www.producthunt.com/make...
Shraddha Srivastava
@abadesi Yes, just shared it now! Thanks for asking. Shall I withdraw this one?