Help me with landing page feedback 🙏🏻

Ranvijay Singh
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Hi Members, we started onboarding saas partners (product owners) to add their product on SaaStraQ through a separate landing page ( other than the homepage. ( The visitors to signup count doesn't look good. Are we doing something wrong here? It would be great if you could have a look at it & help me with your feedback & suggestions to improve. Thanks


Marco Gadaleta
Hey, I guess it's question of multiple factors: - the font used on the green button: it looks like a commercial banner; -You're adding one more step to create conversion. You should keep in mind what your goal is. At the moment you're not creating conversion also because of this; -I do change to the colour of the button and the type of font. In general also the look and feel of the page doesn't seem so professional. I do suggest to drive an A/B test to understand what your users want. Hope this could help mate. Cheers
Romain Carpentier
Hey, it lacks some social proof. Numbers. And also, I can't see any product yet! Maybe it's due to that?