MVP feedback - Project List

Alin Rauta
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Hey there makers, I quickly build an MVP for Project List, a reddit like board where you can add and vote ideas for side projects, with threadbase and I'm curious what you think about it. Link: Please take it for a spin and give me feedback. 1. Do you find it valuable? 2. What new features would make it (more) valuable? 3. Could this be turned into a place where makers can find co-founders? (you post an idea for a side project and find someone who would like to work with you on building it) 4. Any other thoughts. I appreciate your help! P.S. Sorry for the ads, the free tier from threadbase comes with ads.


Breffni Potter
The community is only as valuable as the type of users you attract. You don't need a special website to do what you are suggesting. You could spin up a Discord or Slack server, grow a user base, a community that is sharing ideas and discussing, or use other off the shelf tools to build a community. What would stop me from building a sub reddit called, ideasideasideas, growing a user base and so on, then after 6 months, start to send core members onto a "project" So even if you stuff it into the gills with the most in demand tech features. - It is only valuable with the right people 1. - How do you get those people using it, so it then becomes a place you listed as 3.