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Brian Gong
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Hi everyone! I'm working on a new venture that converts under-utilized real estate assets into co-working space (think restaurants & bars, vacant retail, etc). We're working on getting our first location launched in Boston, but don't really have a strong user base and are having some trouble coming up with a few ideas to find some early customers. What have others done in the past to overcome the chicken-egg problem, and how can I do it with my venture? If you don't have any experience (or just saw this and thought it was kind of cool), sign up for our waitlist!! You would join myself and my co-founders as the first people to sign up :) Here's the link:
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Partner at JAW Advertising in Toronto.
There's a similar idea to this going in Toronto for a little while. It's called Flexday. I'm sure Justin Raymond, the founder, would be a valuable resource for your. It's also on Product Hunt -