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Flexday turns restaurant downtime into a network of productive workspaces for less than the monthly cost of coffee. Get fast wifi, complementary coffee or tea and power within reach at each location. Get the app for a free trial.
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Discovering this has made remote working that much easier! It's great to be able to hop across different locations while finding great places to eat at! Any plans to expand outside Toronto? Would be great to take Flexday to different countries!
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@lanre_akinyemi hey Lanre! We're having that conversation now - what cities do you think need Flexday?
@marlon_rodrigues Australia for sure, I'm planning to be there for winter so it'd be real nice if you went there 🐨
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@lanre_akinyemi on it! what cities in particular?
@marlon_rodrigues Melbourne is the hotspot for tech and has the BEST food. Sydney is also a pretty good spot too with its amazing beaches
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@lanre_akinyemi sounds like I should visit to meet new partners before we launch! ;)
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πŸ‘‹πŸ½ From Justin (ceo), Dave (engineering), Victor (product) and me (product). πŸ’» Flexday is for laptop-centric workers who prefer a variety of casual but professional workspaces for $1 a day with no contract. πŸ‘ͺ Today, we have 5000 members and 25 locations with network availability everyday of the month in Toronto! πŸ€” We do it by unlocking beautiful space in great, local restaurants in their downtime through our apps. Each place invites you to work with no obligation to make purchases. πŸ˜… Sorry you'll miss playing cat-and-mouse with baristas! πŸ“ Our members use Flexday for: - Working NEAR home instead of AT home - Workspace in between home and office - Solitude to think away from the office - Coffee meetings - Side hustling - Studying - more all the time.. ➑️ Our most popular membership is $29/ mo with unlimited network access. We also offer an occasional membership for $9/ mo with 2 visits. * Guests and premium spaces are extra, as listed in the app βœ… Membership gets you: - Access to all of our growing network - Secure, fast wifi - Complimentary coffee or tea at each location - Power within reach - Perks, discounts and socials Get bonus time when you use my referral link: http://bit.ly/marlon10 Ping us here to chat more or head over to our site for more info :)
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@marlon_rodrigues We were working on something similar couple of years ago, hit some setback. Ours was focused on the Nigerian market. As remote work culture continues to grow rapidly here in Nigeria, I would like to collaborate with you to bring Flexday to Africa.
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Easy to use and damn useful. Much better than the song and dance of finding the right coffee shop, that has power outlets, and wifi that’s good enough for video calls.
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Really nice and useful. How many times, travelling, you need to buy a coffe for one hour work on your PC.
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Complimentary coffee/tea is a nice option.


Broad range of space with several different look and feel depending on the need that day.


More options closer to subway lines.

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Thanks for your review Katherine! Stay tuned for our monthly location announcements :)