What is the most important metric for early-stage startup?

Artem Galenko
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Andrew Tye
would have to say it is growth...early on you won't know LTV and probably shouldn't be spending money to get customers right away either...
Peyton Goen
VC Funded? User Growth. Bootstrapped? Revenue
Gabriel Pendleton
MRR, it's all that matters in the first stages. MRR = Growth = Customers. - CAC is not worth it, and you could be spending money to early - CR is something you should track but only important if people truly hate your product(hope you're adding more than the people leaving.) - LTV is only useful if you have data to back it up. In Year 1/2 you're still measuring this and guessing. I would track - Customers talked to each week - How many converted - MRR Weekly To me that's all that matters. If you want to track other stuff, then those would be secondary metrics.
Breffni Potter
As others have shared, none of the above.