Just launched my second product 🥳

Stefan Vetter
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I started as a maker in January this year. Today I launched my second product on Product Hunt: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Would love to hear your thoughts!


Sebastian Tamayo
Hi Stefan, just looked into your product. Congrats on launching :) Some feedback I have is that I don't really know this space so it's hard for me to quickly learn what problem this is solving and how you are solving that problem. Are you saving people time with automating email for small businesses? What exactly is being automated and what pain points are you solving? If you can automate lots of things then which customer is willing to pay the most? Maybe target some content towards them. Your website could also use some UX enhancement, but its not urgent. Great job so far. Let me know if you could return the favor and provide me some feedback on my upcoming app: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Cheers, Sebastian
Hi Stefan, Congrats on launching your new product. I took a look at your website and everything looks nicely laid out. However, for feedback; I found it difficult to understand how your product/service was addressing this marketing problem. Again, am not familiar with this space. I know I see some websites that have a "how it works" video or description. Maybe integrating something similar may help people like me getter a clearer understanding of how your product works or how it addresses this problem you are trying to solve. Anyways, just my little observation. I hope it helps. Good luck! -Steve
Edward Miller
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