Guys what's your favorite project management platform? I don't really know what is best 🤔

Robin Nessensohn
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Airtable is great. I’ve tried so many different apps and services, but I keep coming back to Airtable. It’s slightly less intuitive than something like Asana or Trello, but it’s more customizable. Their help videos are great, too.
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I've been using the free version of Asana for over a year now, and it's working really great to manage my tasks and more significant projects. It's also nice to delegate a few things to my colleagues.
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Try using @clickup_app or @notion
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For something simple, Airtable, for something bigger, Notion
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Hi Robin, I have been using ProProfs Project ( to handle multiple projects at the same time. They even provide multiple custom templates to get started and have Gantt Charts, Kanban Boards, and much more to easily visualize the projects for a 360-degree view. As they provide collaboration features, my team can seamlessly communicate with each other and different stakeholders for better efficiency.