Is my landing page clear enough?

Alin Rauta
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Hi makers, I'm working on a slack app that is designed for remote workers. The purpose of the app is to make life easier when it comes to cook at home. It helps you find recipes and thanks to Amazon Fresh API to automatically add to your list all the ingredients and amounts needed, so you'll just have to order and wait for them to arrive. What do you think about the landing page? Is the message clear enough? Also, if you are a remote worker, would you find value in this app? Link: https://gracious-aryabhata-ea5f5... Later edit: I made some changes to the landing page based on feedback I got from people. Thanks a lot!


Hanna Barzakouskaya
The message is clear and the first screen gives enough information what the project is about. I like it. About a value for me I usually prefer to buy products on a weekly basis so I need to create a weekly menu to define all ingredients. And because I have a baby usually our menu includes some special food for him. And the more I think about it the more complex it appears -)) But It definitely should work for a single person!
Alin Rauta
@anna_panchenko Yes, my intent is for single person use. Thanks for the feedback! Do you know any friend that may use this app?