Looking for a simple Timeline Calendar

Tony Kyriakidis
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Hey everyone! For my projects I use Notion for documentation and general note-taking. I'm looking for a simple to use Timeline Calendar / Gantt Chart. Preferably free or with a trial. Do you have any suggestions?


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Hi, I am Ravi from due.work (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) We have launched our 2nd version of our work management tool. Here you can manage your projects, team, sales, marketing, design, customers, meetings, events, campaigns, services to name a few. I would appreciate if you take some time of your work schedule to have a look at our product and give your thoughts regarding the same. Regards
Hey Ravi (@ravigupta9363 ), Thank you for your reply! Here are a few things that I stumbled upon: - Email verification landed in my spam folder. Make sure to whitelist your domain, change your mail servers IP address, or check your DNS records. - I created a project roadmap from a template and it does not load anything on Firefox. On chrome it does load (I use Firefox as my default browser). - I wanted a timeline feature but it is premium for your service, so I can't give you a review on that. Cheers
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@tony_kyriakidis Thanks for your feedback. 1. I will make sure to whitelist my domain. 2. I will check and fix on firefox. 3. You can either buy startup plan which is very cheap or if you really wants to use I can give you trial for some days. Let me know.
@ravigupta9363 , If you want to give me a trial for some days I will give you a review (I like spotting bugs). Thank you though!