What features would you like in a Project Management App?

Lukas Impekoven
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Artem Stenko
Project Management App / Task Management The most necessary thing for me is the speed of reading information about existing tasks in different departments at once, convenient filtering and ease of creating and distributing tasks. By the nature of my work, I saw and use lot and top of time management tool. Trello , Asana , Jira,BitBucket, Visual Studio (Azure), Todoist, ClickUp, Wunderlist ,Wrike ,Teamwork, Podio ,Odoo , Rally ,Pivotal, Insightly , Microsoft Todo, Redbooth, Redmine, Zoho, Activecollab ,Liquidplanners, Breeze, Youtrack, Mantis ( GitHub, Gitlab) *string by popularity =)- I have used all and continue to have experience using it! But for my team made a choice! = ClickUP > https://clickup.com/ Why? Their system "Workspace" and subprojects in projects (Lists) It allowed me to divide the zones of the team departments of the zone of responsibility and make them one self-managed organism that sees the tasks of my project entirely and from sprint to sprint does not stop work and corrects the estimate and flexibly responds to changes in requirements, and their convenience ui / ux = just speed up on basic activities document flow! I hope this is the answer you expected.
Ravi Gupta
Hi, I am Ravi from due.work (https://www.producthunt.com/post...) We have launched our 2nd version of our work management tool. Here you can manage your projects, team, sales, marketing, design, customers, meetings, events, campaigns, services to name a few. I would appreciate if you take some time of your work schedule to have a look at our product and give your thoughts regarding the same. Regards