Check out our temporary disposable email forwarding service

Kesara Wimal
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As we all aware on the internet we have enough temporary disposable mailbox providers and some temporary email forwarding services. altmails is one of email forwarding service but with set of unique features. - With altmails users can reply from their @altmails email address. - With altmails users are able to create unlimited email addresses which are linked to a one email account. - With altmails users not required to register with the service. Give us little feedback about altmails.


Kesara Wimal
What do you feel about AltMails ?
1 Answer
@kesara It feels like the email version of a burner phone, I don't have a use case for something like this so probably not your target audience.
Kesara Wimal
@abadesi Why do you say no use case for you?
Kesara Wimal
@abadesi Aren't you using an email address?