Are you confident that you will be debt free in a few years?

Sebastian Tamayo
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I'm quite a gambling man and I often have to play at the casino. It's just my life. Because of this, after losing, I wanted to win back all the time and so I borrowed money from my friends. I accumulated a very decent amount of debt and my friends asked me every day when I would pay them back. To begin with, I read the Debthunch Reviews and decided, thanks to this company, to get rid of all my debts. Yes, I now owe a certain amount to this company, but that's okay. It's better to be indebted to a company than to loyal friends.
Migu Rico
That is a really delicate question because if you live in the USA then it is impossible to be debt free since the whole economic system is based on the notion of debt. I am a banker myself so I hope that debt-free era never happens because it would be boring and I couldn't buy and sell debts via making big money quite easily.