Hey! I would love to get some feedback on this idea. 1st do you understand/agree on the problem?

David Kremlinsky
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Here is the presentation https://docs.google.com/presenta... Thanks!


I checked the slides, I think i got the problem but explanation needs a bit more work. imo, data is so broad term, so its better to specifically tell which data that departments needs to share. anydata = no action.
Juan Sarmiento
david, i recommend you to make this more simple, just a simple question in the poll would be much more easier. ;)
Duy Phạm
Hi David. I really the way which you use to solve problems. Just my suggestion make it simple. nice to meet you!!
Saiful Islam
i have read and check this i need to understand your thinking more, so it will take time.
Max V
Solving #3 seems to be pointless without fixing #1 & #2.
David Kremlinsky
@fluffypony Good question! I need to gather all the great comments and maybe try a new approach or think on a smaller version (MVP)! I will try to post something new and update you! Thanks!
Max V
@david_kremlinsky David, do keep me in the loop. I'm not that interested in graphic assets as in the idea validation process. We only see "overnight successes" and not the 10 years of wondering around the woods that precede them :)
Tiago Ferreira
Hi @david_kremlinsky I agree with problem but the proposed approach would add some rework for the whole organization, having to add data manually on another system would become a challenge to sell the product. Maybe building a database integrator and some tool like DataStudio to create the dashboards could avoid rework on data input.
David Kremlinsky
@tiagoit Right... the thing with dashboards (I think) it is that it is too static, and if you want to find something that you saw in the past, it is then very hard. I agree that adding manually is a very challenging problem. I thought, adding some gamification UX would help but not sure.
David Kremlinsky
Hey. guys! After a month of work, here is the new version! My questions... Do you validate the problem? Do you see this problem as pain? Would you pay to solve this problem? https://docs.google.com/presenta... Thanks!
David Kremlinsky
Hey guys! I am excited to show you the landing page! You helped me a lot with your feedback... so a BIG merci for that! Here is the landing page: www.myfeedata.com Of course... let me know if you have ay feedback!