Quick question survey...Is it easy for you to share data / insights across your company?

David Kremlinsky
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Being a product manager in my company, I felt that many reports on insights, quality feedback... are collected by sales, marketing, account managers, product, data. These data are shared in the same department but not cross-department. Do you feel the same? Do you feel you get always all insights coming from every department? Feel free to comment and debate!


Technology & Finances
On our end, we have a Slack channel called #growth. We use it to share metrics across all department; Response time from support team, leads growth from marketing, last updates by development, and new sales from revenue team. It's not perfect but it gives a nice update to the entire team monthly.
Product Manager!
@bujold19 Hey! Thanks for your comment. So we have the same. We use slack to sync, or sometimes one meeting to present some data. But it happens that not everyone look at the channel, sometimes a team has some relevant data but it is not shared on the slack channel. I wanted to know if there are not a tool or a solution to optimize the sharing data around the company. I also feel that sometimes on slack it hard to find the data that was posted 4-5 months ago for example or a report that someone did.
Technology & Finances
@david_kremlinsky That sounds like a fair problem. I also think it's hard to find data back in Slack, but what I'm doing is that I'm sharing the most significant stats in a monthly meeting. That way, everybody can learn about it. Some of the staff don't care about the data you know, but as long as management has an evolution of what is happening inside the startup, I think it's okay. Alternatively, you could have an open Google Sheet with the evolution of the data. It could be interesting to follow-up.