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So I know programming, I'm also learning about marketing and the process of building a product. However, I have yet to learn web design, UI and UX design, ... I found lots of ressources to learn it, but since it's a full time job all I could find are full courses with lots of theory. Basically what I'm looking for is a simple guide that explains the process of designing an application. Does anyone here know anything similar to this ( but that provides more tips ? That ressource is very good but I feel it's just a simple introduction.


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Here's a great website that gives actionable tips on designing better UI They have a whole book all about it but they have some free articles on there too
@chelseagg Awesome, thanks!
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You probably still need that theory. However, for something easy to digest and relatively inexpensive, I'd recommend - there's a bunch of courses on the subject. Plus there's always something on sale, you should be able to get a course for like $10. It will be pretty basic but most of the time hands-on and I think that's exactly what you need. Another good source with tons of material on the topic -
@max_spitsyn Thanks, and I'll keep that link in mind.
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These courses were pretty fast and are straight to the point. I would suggest you use Figma as your design tool. It's very quickly overtaking sketch and it's faster, free, easy-to-use, cross-platform. You can use dribbble for visual ideas but then look at real apps that are doing well to steal ideas from. The seems pretty strong. Good mobile design ideas from the real world Another random site that might help your efforts (not design related)
@adam_parish Thanks ! I'll save these links