Why do some startups succeed and not others?

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Have you ever asked this question? I'm pretty sure you have. Well, I think it's a not a matter of hardwork or motivation, or at least those are not the only causes, so what are the major success factors? By success I mean: Have more users and more sales.


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In my opinion, the most important factors are : Execution and time to market. Execution is what make difference between teams working on the same project and time to market is what makes difference between competitors.
@aminebenj I agree, the timing one of the most success factor. Thanks Amine :)
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Hi @aboubakr_mekhatria , good question. I think it's a mix of different factors of which I find team the most crucial one. You can have the best idea in the world but if the team just doesn't fit on a professional and personal level, it probably won't work. Spoken from my own experience of three years as a startup founder, I can tell you, that idea and business model changed from time to time, but the team stuck together. Have you seen this talk by Bill Gross? It might answer your question a bit:)
@jaque909 Thank you Jakob for the Ted link very interesting, I defiantly agree that the team is an important ingredient in the start up life.
Timing, Team and idea
Process Improvement & Marketing
Product/market fit
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