Do you take notes in meetings, classes, conferences?

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Hi everyone ! Do you ever take notes ? If yes, how often in a month do you take notes ? What is the biggest irritating situation you got when taking notes ? Have a good day :)


Benoit Labbé
Absolutely I take notes twice a week ( job meetings) My biggest irritating situation is that sometimes I don't note the right things, because I try to summarize and take notes, in the same time the meeting goes on, so I miss some points while taking notes.
Austris Balodis
Hi, Of course I take notes, can't imagine living without taking notes. Very often.
Tracy M
I always take notes during conferences, maybe remembering what the speaker's info was website, slide locations etc. Sometime they gives access to their notes and the examples they used in the session.
loislaith akashi
I do take notes everyday in my work.