Offering UX/UI design feedback for product makers

Ibnu Masud
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So, I ran a design studio in the last 3 years (until now!) called Sebo Studio ( or and worked remotely for Denmark startups and US agency before started the studio. I want to share my design knowledge by giving some feedbacks about UX/UI design or overall visual design for product makers. I have like one hour-ish free time each morning to do this. What do you guys think about this? and how I should start this program? 🙏🏼


Sounds like a great idea! Probabaly ask people to comment their products and each day pick few and use the time to give feedback. Try this to begin with.
Ibnu Masud
@1hakr Thanks for the feedback, I am thinking that would be easier to share forms and people will fill the form. So the feedback would be very objective based on their current situation and goals they want to reach. And by using form, it much easier for me to manage submission and order. What do you think?
@ibnu yes thats another good way but then the product and feedback are not public. I Guess you wanted exposure for your self, correct? If not then that works well too.
Pavel Dziashchenia
@1hakr @ibnu I think asking people to comment their product and goals is the most natural way for producthunt community. Let's try to start :)) I'm working on Eatrel. Eatrel is a mobile app that helps people find nearby places where to eat with discount. Currently we're at early alpha stage. Most our potential users can see landing page only. The goal of our landing page is obvious: introduce product to users and ask them to leave email. Obviously, our goal is to get as much email addresses as possible. Could you take a look at our landing and give us some recommendations if possible. Our landing page: Our story on Product Hunt:
Sohaib Nadeem
Best way is to start a blog. Or better yet, start on Instagram. ask for the portfolio links, and the insta account of the designer, and give feedback and ways to improve in your posts with tagging the designs. It will really help the starters. I am a UI/UX Designer myself.
Ibnu Masud
@thesohaibkhan Thanks for the feedback! I think blog doesn't give us very clear message if people want objective feedback. But blog would very helpful to get general feedback. Instagram is super great idea for me, thanks for the advice :)
Juan Castrence
Question: how did you run UX remotely?
Ibnu Masud
@juan_castrence I am reviewing the product from the design and experience insight. I must be objective, so I need some datas from product maker about the current positioning, typical user, what is their goals, etc. So it's measurable.
Julian Renard
Hey @ibnu, Here can be already a good start :-) Voila my new project: As I am developer and not designer without budget (for now) on design/ux for this project, they are probably a lot to say :-p Can be a good study case so :-)
Okay, i couldn't resist and so here is my product that I'm currently working on . Would love to get your feedback.
Fabian Maume
I would recommend to create a meetup group: Meetup for iOS and Android With covid most of meetups are online based, so you could use it to reach a wider audience.