Battling climate change from space

Shoaib Iqbal
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Hi all, I'm the founder at Saturn Space - a startup building satellites to help fight climate change. And next week, we're launching Atlas. An analytics tool made specifically for researchers and makers which source satellite imagery from public sources to produce actionable climate change data. We're keeping the tool open-sourced and free to use for everyone to help build innovative solutions to save our planet! We'll be launching here on Product Hunt and have an upcoming ship page up: And I'd love to hear advice from those who have had successful launches on the platform as I'm still a noob. Cheers :)


Sounds fascinating! Could you give an example of what an actionable data point might be?
Shoaib Iqbal
@abadesi We are currently working on tracking greenhouse emissions of a certain area based off of data that's already out there. We hope to expand this to soil and vegetation health. And with enough data, also work on a prediction model which could predict environmental impact of any industrial activity.