MVP done, what should I do next?

Alin Rauta
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Hey everyone, I was thinking for a while about remote work and how could I come up with something that can bring value to remote teams. Then I realised that most of the remote teams over there are probably communicating through slack. So, I started working on a slack app and build an MVP. Now, I don't know what to do next: continue working on improving the MVP or building a landing page and start gathering some interested folks? Any feedback is much appreciated! Thanks, Alin


I think you should launch the MVP as a beta and start gathering feedback from users. Build, measure, learn the lean startup why. Could you do that?
Alin Rauta
@abadesi I will brush the MVP a bit and then start gathering feedback from users like you said. Also, do you have any suggestion how should I go about finding those users? I'm trying to figure out where is my target audience hanging out.
@rautaalin I would hope that you spoke to some folks who face this problem prior to building the MVP — where did you find them? Where do they spend time online? What do they read online and who do they follow? That’s where you’ll find them. The truth is - there is no shortcut or scalable way to find valuable early testers. You gotta go piecemeal.
Johan Bavaud
Try to show your MVP on different public slack channel (you can find some here : or and then build your product with your audience 🙌🏻
You can use producthunt's Ship to get some early users. Then start talking with team and building MVP further. I am not sure this is the 100% right way but I am panning to do same with Plankarma which I am building for remote team :) if possible do check:
Alin Rauta
@mhrnik Thanks for the feedback! How did you come up with your product idea? Did you do some validation until now?
@rautaalin I am making plankarma to solve my own problem for our remote team. We work on different client projects and it always hard for us to know who is working, who is taking lunch or who is on holiday today. Generally, we use skype to update team but while I do coding I don't like to get chat notifications and pings. So I wanted to make a minimal single screen tool where I can see what teammates are doing and who need help in bug fixing :) (without chatting & disturbing)
Alin Rauta
@mhrnik Nice! You know how they say that it's easier to build a product by scratching your own itch, so good luck with your product and I'll be happy to try it once I will have a remote team.
Raheel Ahmad
The best thing with an MVP you can do is to launch it and get user feedback as soon as possible. The keyword here is iteration. You need to constantly reiterate so you can constantly improve your MVP. Start posting on multiple websites and get users. But remember to constantly engage them otherwise they'll slip away! So be careful with that. Good luck!
Sanket Shah
You should for sure launch it with a few 100 people. Post that collect feedback and observe them. The other quick thing you can do is actually check the 'search intent' on Google Keyword Research - Potentially you can run ads of few 100 $$'s if you there is search intent
Gabriel Appleton
maybe facebook groups, i dont have a lot of experience using them, here's a hackernoon list of em: assume quality will be low but you will get some thru put
Andrei Negrau
I've asked myself the same question some time ago. What do I do after the MVP is built? In my opinion, there's no one-way-fits-all approach. But the short answer is: create a detailed description of your ideal customer and find out how you can sign up as many users as possible What kind of person would benefit the most using your product? Where does that person live? What does it do? What are its frustrations? I guess you got the point. Once you have shaped an idea of what kind of people would use your product, get creative and find ways to sign them up. Unless you have budget for paid advertising, you can look into some good old "guerilla marketing", so to say. TLDR; find out who your customers are, where they spend time online and try to get them to signup for the beta. (by pointing out the benefits for them).
Sujoy Chaudhary
You can go to job forums (AngelList, StackOverflow) and use a filter to know which companies are hiring for remote roles. Then find the founder of these companies on Linkedin and message them / get an intro. Seek feedback from them. Using Ship also helps. If you have more money, you can run a Linkedin / Twitter / Adwords campaign to take interested users to a landing page where they can give their contact info.