2020 is ending soon. Comment whatever you have worked on this year

Rajan Verma (Aarvy)
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I made these 4: IndieHacks,site - An invite only portal for growth hacking strategies Dictozo: A chrome extension that tracks word meanings and support multiple languages TheHustlingBears: Newsletter -> (now closed and converted into indiehacks) LogicalProgramming -> Programming based Instagram Page with 26K followers. Now comment yours.


Harri Arain
So yea 2020 has been an interesting year even for www.stafftimerapp.com, it brought a lot ups and downs with it, so what was memorable? the question is not what was memorable but what made it self memorable other than the pandemic, we worked through the year and survived an entire pandemic till now, providing employment and keeping us afloat, now it might to mean much to the bigger the industry but to us it matters that we made life easy for people who were true to their business and there has to be a rewarder for that.
I learned new languages and helping other people then the other stuff quarantine
Nachiket Patel
I worked on www.undiffer.com, it's an application for remote team management. I'm looking forward to launch it very soon for all!