Finally launched Abyssale alpha on Product Hunt 🎉

Alessandro Stigliani
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Today we finally launched Abyssale alpha on Product Hunt ( 🚀🚀 We all know that creating marketing assets for your business is a tedious and time-consuming task. That’s why we’ve built Abyssale - The only platform that enables you to effortlessly generate advertising banners. 🤖 Beep Boop! Our robots provide procedural algorithmic banner generation. 🎨 No design skills required. We got your back! 😺 Banners generated on Abyssale are completely royalty-free. If you have already tried it - we’d be happy to see your comment on Product Hunt If not - you’re welcome to try out Abyssale and we’d love to hear your feedback!


Hanna Barzakouskaya
Congrats! It was interesting to try and I liked the results. More templates and adjustments will be very helpful but I'm sure you're already aware of it
Alessandro Stigliani
@anna_panchenko Thanks a lot! Indeed we have a huge roadmap to work on... But the journey will be fantastic
Andreas Ioannou
Congrats! Will def. check it out!
Sanket Shah
How was the launch? The product is very interesting.
Mateusz Goleń
Congrats! Looks great for me :)