Do you plan your meals?

Austris Balodis
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What is the biggest problem for you when doing it? Why don't you do it? Being healthy can make a big difference on your overall level of life.


No but it is something I would like to start doing. I think timing is an issue and trying to figure out what I can actually eat is part of the roadblock.. I am newly vegan* so the research part is where I get stuck...I usually eat the same thing with a series of new receipes in between when I get time and energy to do it. Let me know if that helps or if you have any other questions
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@incubator Thank you! Of course, any feedback helps. I think that you can save a lot of time in the long run when you take the time to plan. Good luck with the research and remember about the proteins, nuts and beans are grate!
@incubator @austrisbalodis You're welcome! & You're right..I need to take the time to plan...embrace the unknown. Overall it's much better for lifestyle. Thinking of starting my own garden for veggies etc... Best of luck with your research!!
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Nope. Having experience as a cook and then chef, I usually just wing it. I'm crunched for time just like everyone else, but living within walking distance of both work and several grocery shops and a large market means that I can shop quickly and often. Meal ingredients reflect what is in season (usually cheaper), what's discounted and what looks good at the time.